Do you have a busy lifestyle?

Are you trying to eat healthy but fall into the fast food trap?

Is cooking a chore you wish you didn’t have to deal with?

Are you unwell but want to start eating healthy nutritious meals?


We currently have the following Paleo Take Home Meals available for $10.00.

Paleo shepherds pie
Paleo tuna bake
Paleo curry chicken
Paleo chicken or Beef stir fry
Paleo beef an mushroom stew
Paleo bolognese zucchini noodles
Paleo pumpkin soup
Paleo sweet potato an leek soup
Paleo minestrone
Paleo cauliflower soup
Paleo roast pork with home made BBQ sauce


Other products:

Paleo venerdi bread for $12.50 per loaf

Himalayan fine salt 500 gram packet for $6.00

Organic Coconut Flour 500 gram packet for $8.50

Australian Almond Meal 500 gram packet for $12.00

Hawkesbury Free Range Eggs 700 grams for $6.00

Paleo Crunch Bars $4.75 each